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Daily Readings & Videos

December 7 | Isaiah 61:1-4

Read Isaiah 61:1-4 Make a list of all the things mentioned in these verses that the Messiah would do and accomplish.Give thanks to God for the way Jesus our Messiah has worked in your life?

December 6 | Isaiah 52: 1-12

Read Isaiah 52:1-12 In verses 7-9, Isaiah wrote of the good news being proclaimed and songs of joy being sung. What is the good news he speaks of? What was the reason for the songs of joy?Ask the Lord to fill your heart with his “songs of joy.” Chara / Joy In this video, we…

December 5 | Isaiah 40:1-11

Read Isaiah 40:1-11 In these verses, we read of “a voice of one calling…prepare the way of the Lord.” How might God use you to be that voice in our own day?Pray a prayer offering yourself to God to be a voice of comfort and good news to the people in your life.

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